Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AIRs - Challenge - Denim

Thank you notes seemed so appropriate for this challenge. I'm so very thankful and delighted for the opportunity to participate in AIRs 2013, to have survived "blue"! Thankful for time to play and create, warm cookies right from the oven, dear friends, wild crazy pups, time at the beach....the list goes on and on. I'm a very lucky and thankful girl! Now it's time to gather so goodies.

                                          *Memento Dew Drop - Nautical Blue
                                                                     Paris Dusk
                                          *Fireworks - Dandelion
                                                      Paris Dusk

                                   *Hero Arts - Thank you Calligraphy stamp

                                   *Fiskars - 2 1/4" Tag Punch
                                                  1 1/2" Rosette Punch
                                                  2" Rosette Punch

                                   *Paper Pizazz - Denim
                                   *DCWW - Bright Red Checks
                                   *White and light blue cardstock
                                   *Gelly Roll pen - clear sparkle
                                   *3 yellow buttons
                                   *Beacon 3 in 1 glue
                                   *Glue stick
                                   *Foam mounting tape
                                   *Rotary cutter


and a handy little embossing machine with a "swirl" embossing plate that I ran some white cardstock through. I then took the Memento Dew Drop - Nautical Blue and swiped it over the raised area giving it some great color. Then punched out 2 of the 2" rosettes and 1 of the 1 1/2" rosettes, and edged each with the Nautical Blue. Also 3 of the large rosette out of the denim paper. What better to go with denim than red checked gingham? Punched 1 large and 2 of the smaller from the red check. I also cut a 1/2' strip of the red check using a rotary cutter.

After folding an 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" piece of cardstock in half, spray with Fireworks - Paris Dusk and Dandelion. (TIP- prior to spritzing with Fireworks make sure the nozzle is facing the paper not you...and before you ask, no I did not take a picture to share of this step. Yes the blue matched my eyes.) While waiting for the Fireworks to dry punch a tag from the light blue cardstock, using Memento Dew Drop Nautical Blue stamp with "thank you" when the ink is dry highlight the text with the Gelly Roll pen and edge the tag with Paris Dusk.

With a glue stick add the 1/2" strip of red check about 3/4" from the bottom edge of the card. After edging the tag Using Memento Dew Drop - Paris Dusk mount on the strip using foam tape. Using the Beacons 3 in 1 glue stack the rosettes, with the same glue add a button to the center of each flower. Placing the 3 large denim rosettes behind the large red check rosette. Using a glue stick add it to the card above the tag. Mount the other 2 rosette flowers using foam tape on each side of the first rosette flower.

Now for the next card you'll need to gather a few more goodies:

                                          *Kaleidacolor - Denim

                                   *Memento Dew Drop - Toffee Crunch
                                                                     Danube Blue
                                   *Stampendous - Agapanthus

                                   *Brick red cardstock
                                   *Light blue card stock
                                   *Red swiss dot scrapbook paper
                                   *Fiskars deckle edge scissors
                                   *Corner rounding punch

                                   *Queen & Co Trendy Tape - blue stripe
                                   *Glue stick
                                   *Foam mounting tape  

Fold a 5" x 7" piece of brick red cardstock, round the outer edge corners with the punch. Edge the card using Memento Dew Drop - Danube Blue. Place a strip of Trendy Tape down the right side about a 1/4" in  from the edge and another about 3/4" from the bottom vertically. Punch a tag from the light blue cardstock, stamp with "thank you" using the  Danube Blue, also edge the tag. When the ink is dry highlight the text with the Gelly Roll pen. Using the Kaleidscope Denim pad and the Agapanthus stamp on the red swiss dot paper. Trim with the deckle edge scissors. Edge the paper with Memento Dew Drop - Toffee Crunch. Add just a bit more sparkle by highlighting the flowers with the Gelly Roll pen...a bit of sparkle never hurts! Add the piece with the flowers using a glue stick, foam tape for the tag.

                                         Until next time, TTFN, Cyn

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AIRs take two!

Here's a quick little project, an altered notepad. Perfect to pop in the mail to a friend as a special surprise. Here's what I started with:

                        * Memento Dew Drop - Gray Flannel
                                                       Toffee Crunch
                                                       Danube Blue

                    * Light blue card stock
                    * Paper Pizazz Watercolor Stars
                    * Rubbermoon USA - "I see the moon"
                                                    face with rings
                                                    tiny stars
                    * Xyron adhesive
                    * Gelly Roll pen - clear sparkle

After running the light blue card stock and patterned paper through the Xyron I stamped the card stock. Using Memento Dew Drop - Danube Blue for the face and verse frame around the face. The Gray Flannel for the tiny stars. Once the ink dried I enhanced the tiny stars with the Gelly Roll pen to add a bit of sparkle to the stars. Using Memento Dew Drop - Toffee Crunch and the tiny stars stamp on the large stars on the patterned paper. Followed by adding bits of sparkle with the Gelly Roll pen. Wrap the pad cover with the patterned paper, add the stamped cardstock to the flap and trim off excess. Finished off by rubbing the edges with the Danube Blue.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Organization...or lack of it!

Frightening isn't it? This is where I normally work with clay(paper clay, polymer clay or precious metal clay) not paper arts. Actually it's been quite some time since I've played with paper. AIRs is getting me back into the swing of things, though it's been a challenge. From the workspace to the colors sent to me for our first 3 projects! Blues and yellow? so outside my comfort zone. Blogging is another habit I need to get back to, and taking pictures! Remembering to stop, take a picture of the steps before, yes before I'm looking at the finished project. So many tricks for this old pup to learn! Speaking of pups, here's Scout, our 9 month old wire-haired dachshund, she's so helpful!

Off to work at clearing off the big table in the basement so I'll have more room to spread out and create! Now if I can just do it without getting distracted....oooh look something shiny.....TTFN, Cyn

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let's roll.......

Time to gather some goodies, no better place to start than with Tsukineko! starting with:
 Kaleidacolor *Tahiti
 Fireworks *Dandelion
 Memento  *Potter's Clay,
                *Peanut Brittle
                *Bahama Blue
                *Summer Sky
                *Pear Tart

you will also need: 8.5 x 11 paper (I grabbed some paper off my printer)
                            Glue Stick
                            Round Toothpicks
                            Cutting tool of your choice (I used a rotaty cutter & mat)

   Here's where the real fun begins, ink up the whole piece of  8.5 x 11 paper! Use plain white to start or go with a patterned background. The choice is yours. Apply the ink by using the stamp pads directly, with sponges or dabbers even stamps! no need to worry about a pattern because we're going to be cutting it up. Once you're happy with the the amount of color you've sure to give it a sprizt with Firworks for that added burst of color and a bit of shimmer. Let the piece dry, then fold in half short side to short side, ink side folded in.
   Using a ruler mark with a pencil in 1" intervals along one 8.5 side. On the opposite edge mark in 1" intervals starting at the 1/2" mark. Draw a line diagonally from edge to edge.
   Cut along each of the lines. I left the piece folded, then cut the peices apart that were attached at the wide end. One 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper will yield 30 strips of paper.
    Now it's time to get rolling! grab a round toothpick and a strip of paper. Starting at the wide end, tightly wrap the strip around the toothpick. Unwing the strip leaving one wrap on the toothpick. Grab your gluestick and apply it to the wrond side of the strip. Tightly re-roll the strip creating a paper bead. By leaving one wrap around the toothpick allows it move and be removed from the toothpick. (tip: when using a gluestick grab a catalog or old phone book out of the recycle pile. Lay the piece on a page, apply the gluestick, turn the page before the next piece. Avoids a sticky work surface and turning the pages keeps the sticky of following pieces)
    Before removing it, seal the bead with a dab of GlazOn and spread over the entire bead to seal it.
   When the beads are dry, remove them from the toothpick and then the real fun can begin!! Earrings, bracelets, bookmarks, embellishments for cards or scrapbook pages! the ideas are endless! another idea was born out of getting a bead stuck on the toothpick with the GlazOn....a fancy appetizer pick!! Which leads to hairsticks using skewers or decorate chop sticks!
   Varying the width and length of the strip of paper changes the size of the bead. A google search for paper beads will provide othe templates to creat different shape beads. Play, experiment, create! Just have some FUN!!
  Stay tuned for just what happens to these beads! TTFN, Cyn


I did it!!

      I finally was able to get logged on to this blog that I set up forever ago....of course I had zero recall of which email or password I had so craftily(is this even a word?) linked to it! So after several tries, creative verbal skills and digging about for various notebooks, AKA my memory I'm in!! and with not a moment to spare! I'm being chased by a deadline. I'm due to post about my very first project as one of Tsuineko Artist in Residence for 2013. Really what was I thinking when John invited me? Sure, I'll do it! Really what was I thinking?? I'm out of practice with inks, paper and stamping.But oh what fun it has been working at getting back into the groove! So stayed tuned, you never know what I may come up with! there may even be a few epic failures I'll admit to!
   Another creative adventure I'm taking this year is with a wonderful group of artists, the Little Altars Project, the idea born in the delightful imagination of my dear friend, Peg Glydenege! You will see updates here as well. Along with all kinds of random bits of nonsense, yes nonsense. To me there's nothing negative about nonsense! Nonsense is the fun stuff, the giggles of life, it adds that wee bit of whimsy to your really good frosting on a cupcake!
   Now it's time to get serious....I must write my blog post for AIRs!